Astrology consultation in India By Rajat Nayar

Do you want to have consultation over anything through the oldest and most trusted astrology? Well, there can be no better option than to consult the best one in the field. Rajat Nayar has a way with giving consultation to those who believe in Vedic astrology and want to improve their life with it.

Vedic Astrology Consultation Online

Vedic astrology has a record so old that numbers and words fall short to describe it. Working in the real world, these virtual world miracles have amazed people from years. Not only the mental distress and physical inabilities but also the other issues of life occurring due to several reasons have solutions in Vedic astrology. Consulting Mr. Rajat can stop you from taking many wrong foots that you might have taken.

The things provided by Rajat Nayar in astrology consultancy include:

  • Appropriate calculation of horoscope as per ancient principles of Vedic astrology
  • Finding out the mangal dosh, pitru dosh, kaal sarp dosh, and all types of dosh in someone’s Kundli
  • All the remedial solutions of above mentioned dosh
  • Answers of every question, whether it has calculations included or it is normally related to astrology practices
  • Day to day, week by week, monthly and annual predictions available
  • Find out which part of your life will have bad things coming for you and which one will bring good things in life through Vedic astrology (fortunate and unfortunate times)
  • Match the Kundli of partners to know how successful the life of the couple would be (matrimonial match)
  • Numerology: know your lucky numbers, dates, colors, even lucky names
  • Find time and days for special occasions and also for important beginnings