An Astrological Tribute To Lord Krishna on Janamashtami

An Astrological Tribute To Lord Krishna on Janamashtami
19 August 2016 Astrology/ 2 Comments

With Janmashatmi celebrations falling this year on 25 August, 2016, All Krishna devotees are filled with fervor and joy for the occasions. Shri Krishna was a great personality who has great influence on the minds of his large part of world community particularly the Indians.

On this occasion, an astrological analysis of some important aspects of Shri Krishna’s life is being dedicated in the Lotus feet of the Lord. A ‘vibhuti’ or great personality like Shri Krishna takes birth very rarely and the prowessing powers possessed by Shri Krishna are indeed indicated in the deity’s birth horoscope. This lends so much credibility to Astrology as a science that has a universal prevalence.

Taking into account the recent archeological finding of the submarine city of Mathura that has been traced using satellites and by teams of archaeologists, the appearance of Shri Krishna in human form is receiving large amount of credibility.

Let us analyze and at the same time ‘remember’ qualities of Shri Krishna through astrological point of view.

Date of birth: Asthami shravan, Krishna paksha (July 19, 3328 BC), Place of Birth: Mathura (27*25’ North; 77*41’ East),

Nakshatra: Rohini, Time of birth : Ardhratri (midnight-12:00 AM)

Remainder of Moon’s main period at the time of birth = 4 yr – 2 ms -24 days

Astrological Analysis

  • Birth lagna is Taurus and Venus is the ruling planet of this zodiac. A strong moon is present is present in conjunction with the birth lagna. This indicates a strong, charming and very handsome personality. Saturn (yoga-karaka) places its aspect on the Exalted Moon and the lagna, thus amplifying the charm and imparting and highly attractive and affable personality.
  • Venus is positioned in its own house (5th house) in navmasa, thus rendering a magnanimous and kind character to personality. Shri Krishna was benevolent to Kuchela and provided pleasure and much needed appreciation to a hunched lady despised and ignored by society. Shri Krishna receives meager offerings of love by Vidhura in from of ‘saag’ rather than going to exotic party in palace by cruel person Duryodhana.
  • Mars is placed in Cancer and is weakened. In fact, thereis neech-bhanga –yoga. There s also presence of Varga-Uttam-Amsa thus indictaing presence of invincible martial powers with Lord Krishna. At one place, conflict with amteranl uncle is also indicated. Shri Krishna is well-known for killing the cruel an dtyrranic rulers like Kamsa,Sisupal, Dantavakra. Kansa was the maternal uncleof Shrri Krishna and had imprisoned his own parents in jail for being a ruler.
  • An exalted Moon aso gives a high emotional attachment to devotees and lovers. At the same time, an exalted Moon indicates mental composure in testing situations. Shri Krishna helps Draupdi and Pandavas in trouble and at the same time never loses his composure in front of Kauravas.
  • Mercury is in the exalted state by being present in the Virgo (5th house), and is the Lord of 2nd and 5th houses. The 2nd house is the house of speech while the 5h one is the house of intelligence. Mercury is an exalted state and is the Lord of intelligence. Thus, no wonder Shri Krishna astutely uses his intelligence with prudence of speech casting a lasting impression in the mind of listeners.
  • Ketu is moksha karaka and is placed in the 9th house with Moon as the Lord of House.At the end of Ketu period and in sub-period of Venus, with a strong Saturn, Shri Krishna yielded humanity with the important updesha (upanshadic discourse) of Bhagwad Geeta which is significant of knowledge causing liberation form cycle of birth and death (moksha). All this happened during the time of Mahabharata when the period of Saturn was running in his life.
  • Moon is exalted and represents mother while Sun representing father is also in very strong position and is placed in its own house in Leo in 4th house. Thus, upon birth Shri Krishna brings immense joy to his mother and father.
  • Venus and Rahu are very close to each other while Mars (sensuous in nature) is placed very far away from Venus. Even though Shri Krishna has several marriages to render protection and social acceptance to women kidnapped by ‘rakshasas’, the diety is devoid of carnal pleasures and has complete control on senses.

These are very few attributes of Shri Krishna and the magnanimity of Lord’s personality is immense and certainly beyond scope of any written article. But this article is dedicated in Lotus feet Lord Krishna as an offering on this year’s Janmashtami. The astrological analysis finds credibility to the fact that incarnation in person in the form of Shri Krishna had actually happened stipulated number of years ago.

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