Why some astrologers go wrong in their predictions?

Why some astrologers go wrong in their predictions?
2 August 2016 Astrologer/ Comments

One of the most prominent reasons for astrology losing its value among the masses is the wrong prediction that astrologers often make. But this does not define that all astrologers are same or the subject is pseudoscience. Here are some of the basic reasons why the predictions fail and why you should never lose your faith from astrology by Goa Astrologer:

Lack of knowledge:

Obviosuly, the foremost reason of failure is lack of knowledge. Astrologers having a bit of knowledge find it very difficult to make predictions and more than often they turn out to be false. Expert predictions by Astrologer Goa often come out to be true due to their vast knowledge however, those having half baked knowledge often cannot resist themselves from showing off. Astrology is a never ending art which can never be embraced. So keep learning and stop not, no matter how successful you turn out to be.

Lack of Talent:

Few people are just not so respecting to the subject and take astrology for granted. Geniuses from the society are more lured towards profession like doctor, engineer and others. This creates lack of talent in the market. However, there is no dearth of knowledgeable and true astrologers in Indian society where the art is considered to be sacred and connection to the god.

Incorrect data:

The basis of astrology is mathematics, date of birth etc. If the data provided to the astrologer is incorrect the consequences will surely be incorrect as well. It needs accurate calculations and a lot of emphasis is laid on the numbers. You must provide accurate data for exact results and get the benefits.


It might also be possible due to the fate of the person as no subject in the entire world can defy, define, or change the destiny. If your future does not favor it then no one can help. Despite the advancement of human and science, it is evident that destiny is inevitable. There are patients dying without reasons, unreasonable rain and disasters, unexpected epidemic every now and then. And thus, no justifications needed.

The nature of Future:

Universe can be divided into two parts: Known and Unknown. Whatever is unknown today will surely be known tomorrow. Everything becomes known at some point of time. There are certain aspects of existence of human but they cannot be discovered. So, go with the flow and let it be!