Mahapadma kalsarp dosha remedies by Vedic astrologer - Rajat Nayar

Kaal signifies the time, Sarp signifies the serpent and Yog means combination. So the combined meaning is that the soul captured by time serpent. Rajat Nayar is highly qualified master to remove the Kaal sarp yog in anyone. This is commonly figured out when person has physical deformities or moral weaknesses.

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When all seven planets come between the two planets that are Rahu and Ketu this formation of planets is known as Kaal sarp Yog. When precisely half the birth chart is empty, then complete Kaal sarp yog seems to exist. If even a single planet separate from the Rahu-Ketu axis then it does not indicate the Kaal sarp Yog. People who take birth in this Kaal sarp yog usually panic, feel anxiety, insecurity, and suffer from continuous fear of death. This yog is the most dangerous yog among all the yog or dosh. As it has negative effect on individual’s life, this yog also known as Kaal sarp Dosh. Kaal sarp yog always bring crisis in individual’s life for example child problem, financial problem, business problem, family problem, fear of death etc. However, usually period of Kaal sarp yog is of 41 years but it may last for long depending upon person to person.